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Concerned about where your food comes from? Want to support and commit to local agriculture?


CSA stands for "community-supported agriculture".  The idea behind it is simple: individuals share the costs, risks and bounty of growing food in an environmentally-friendly fashion.  

CSA participants, through their membership, help pay for seeds, compost, irrigation supplies, equipment maintenance, fuel, labor, etc.  In return, the farm provides, to the best of its ability, 20 weeks of fresh,  certified-organic produce throughout the growing season. 


Many factors impact what farmers are able to grow successfully in this region, including soil type, climate, and for Porter Farms, our organic certification. This is especially significant when dealing with potential crop failure - even farmers who commit to a "Farmer's Pledge" to use organic approaches to farming can still incorporate chemical pesticides to protect their crops as needed. Our organic certification prevents us from using any potentially harmful chemicals, and unfortunately, crop failure can result.


Please keep in mind that the weather plays a significant role in what we are able to offer and each season is different. While we plan each season to offer a wide variety of produce, extreme weather can limit our harvest. As a CSA member, you share this risk with the farmer - please keep this in mind before joining a CSA!

Ready to sign up?  Please check the FAQ carefully to make sure you understand the parameters of the program.  Then just click the join tab at the top of the page.

CSA membership involves a lifestyle commitment, often including a new approach to meal planning. Extra time is necessary to clean, store and prepare fresh produce each week.
Our members enjoy being exposed to new varieties and the superior taste that fresh, organic produce offers Check out our Vegetable Availability Chart to get a glimpse of what you can expect in your CSA CSA share throughout the season. 
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