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November 14, 2020

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Our last day of the season is next Saturday, November 21.

Farm News

My apologies for the late newsletter! It's been an extremely busy week for our wholesale business, as stores prepare for Thanksgiving shoppers. This week our crew sorted and graded 45 pallets of onions!

As the end of the season nears, the variety in your bags will be mostly veggies that can withstand the cold night temperatures and those that can be stored. This week and next you will have a variety of winter squash - these varieties will easily keep for a month at room temperature and up to 4 months if they are kept in a cool, dry space. Onions also have a long shelf life if stored properly. Please see storage tips below.

Farm Survey

Many thanks to those of you who've already completed our anonymous survey! If you have not already, please take a few moments to complete it:

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