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Food Safety Guidelines

As a regular visitor of Porter Farms, we would like to ensure you are aware of our GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Food Safety Policies.

1. Members are not allowed in the packing barn unless accompanied by a Porter Farms' employee. As always, a Porter Family member or employee will be available Saturday mornings from 8:30-11:00am to coordinate distribution of shares. 

2. If you are not able to pick up your share during the designated time frame on Saturday, your bag will be stored in our cooler, as in the past. Any extra produce available for members will be clearly identified. Members must NOT touch any closed storage boxes marked for wholesale or donation. 

3. Visitors must wash their hands thoroughly prior to entering the packing house and cooler. Hand sanitizer will be provided by Porter Farms. 

4. All visitors are required to wear disposable gloves when handling any produce, including extras provided in bins. Porter Farms will have gloves available. 

5. Visitors must gain permission from farm owners/supervisors prior to entering any field and must be accompanied by a trained employee. Members may take a walk on designated driveways/walkways. 

6. NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED in packing barns or fields. Please keep dogs leashed and out of barns. 

7. NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed in the packing barn. 

8. NO GLASS allowed in the packing barn. 

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