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CSA - Farm Shares

Concerned about where your food comes from? 

Want to support and commit to local agriculture?


Now is the time to join and ensure your local produce source with a Community Supported Agriculure membership! Each week you will receive a share of delicious produce picked and packed at its peak ripeness, flavor, and nutritional content.


CSA stands for "community-supported agriculture".  The idea behind it is simple: individuals share the costs, risks, and bounty of growing food in an environmentally-friendly fashion. CSA participants help pay for seeds, irrigation supplies, equipment maintenance, labor, etc.  In return, the farm provides 22 weeks of fresh,  certified-organic produce throughout the growing season. 


For a complete list of what we grow, please see the In the Bag page. Many factors impact what farmers are able to grow successfully in this region, including soil type, climate, and for Porter Farms, our organic certification.


Share Sizes:


FULL Share

The Full Share is designed for those who enjoy cooking from scratch and love vegetables. Our Full Share is appropriate for a family of 4 - 6 with an appetite for a variety of produce. Each week Full Share members receive approximately 8-10 produce items, occasionally more or less, depending on our harvest. The Full Share represents the most bang for your buck!


Our Small Share is designed for individual vegetarians, couples, and small families. Small Share members receive approximately 6 - 8 produce items, occasionally more or less. Small Shares will receive less produce than Full Shares, but over the entire season, will receive most or all of the harvested items, except in the event of crop failure. To accommodate the size and variety of produce, selections may be divided between weeks at our discretion.


Ready to sign up?  Please check the FAQ carefully to make sure you understand the parameters of the program.  Then just click below to join!

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Membership in a CSA can involve a change in lifestyle, especially with your approach toward meal planning. It takes extra time to clean, store, and prepare fresh produce. Our members enjoy planning and cooking meals as a family, occasionally trying vegetables they've never had before! Children are more likely to eat vegetables from "their" farm, especially if they've been involved with preparation!